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        Founded in 2012

        Founded by ex-googler Zhifei Li with the aim to define the next generation of human-machine interaction, being the only firm in China equipped with its own Chinese voice recognition, semantic analytics, and search technologies.

        • 2015.10
          Mobvoi x Google formed strategic partnership

          Completed Series C backed by Google, shortly after partnering with Google to provide Chinese voice search technology to Wear OS in China.

        • 2016.07
          Global entry

          Mobvoi launched the global edition of TicWatch and raised 2.1 million USD on Kickstarter.

        • 2017.04
          Mobvoi-Volkswagen partnership

          Completed a US$ 180 million series D backed by Volkswagen Group China that will promote the application of Mobvoi's AI technologies in the automobile market.

        • 2017.08
          TicWatch S&E

          Successfully launched with $3 million in funding with over 19,000 backers in more than 150 countries, becoming the #2 Most Funded Wearables of all time on Kickstarter.

        • 2017.10
          TicKasa Mini launch

        • 2018.01
          TicPods Free launch

        • 2018.10
          TicWatch Pro launch

          Mobvoi’s flagship smartwatch

        • 2018.12
          TicWatch C2 launch

        • 2019.01
          TicWatch S2 & E2 launch

        Our Team

        Mobvoi, now with over 800 employees, is headquartered in Beijing and has international offices in Seattle, San Francisco, and Taipei.

        Our global team hails from over a dozen countries with diverse backgrounds. Many of whom have also previously played integral roles in the world's leading tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Nokia, Tencent, and Baidu.


        As a technology company driven by innovation, Mobvoi has developed a series of proprietary interactive AI technologies, including wake words, speech recognition, natural language understanding, vertical search, speech synthesis, intelligent recommendations and computer vision, creating a cutting-edge interactive AI experience in various scenarios.

        Mobvoi is the industry leader in voice AI technology and products in China. Mobvoi’s in-house “end-to-end” voice AI interaction technology adopts the “edge + cloud” software system architecture. Products with interactive voice AI technology comes to life through immersive customization of the operating system and integration of software and hardware. Currently on the market are smart products in the wearable, audio, auto, and home categories.


        • 2015.10 Mobvoi

          ROI Festival - Most influential Asian Business of the Year

        • 2015.12 TicWatch

          Baidu China’s Top Nine Most Creative Smart Devices

        • 2016.10 TicWatch E

          2016 Good Design Award

        • 2016.11 TicWatch

          2016 Top 10 China Intelligent Hardware Awards winner

        • 2017.1 TicWatch 2

          Android China’s 2016 Best Smart Device of the Year

        • 2017.2 Mobvoi

          Fortune Magazine - "50 Companies Leading the AI Revolution"

        • 2018.1 Mobvoi

          Synced Machine Intelligence Awards 2017 - “TOP 30 AI Startups”

        • 2018.2 TicPods Free

          2018 iF Design Award

        • 2018.3 TicPods Free

          2018 Red Dot Product Design Award

        • 2018.3 Mobvoi

          Ministry of Science and Technology - "2017 Chinese Technology Unicorn Companies"

          *Mobvoi was the only Voice-AI company on the list

        • 2018.5 TicWatch Pro

          2018 iF Design Award

        • 2018.9 TicPods Free and TicWatch Pro

          2018 IDEA Finalist Award

        • 2018.10 TicPods Free

          2018 Good Design Award

        • 2019.3 TicWatch C2

          2019 iF Design Award

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