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Our Vision
Make AGI accessible and AI CoPilot everywhere.
Our Mission
To build a world-leading universal large language model and become a global pioneer in AI CoPilot through integration of AI technology, innovative solution and commercialization capability.
Who We Are
We are a leading AI company with generative AI and voice interaction technologies at the core of our business. According to the CIC Report, we are one of the few AI companies in Asia capable of building universal large language model. We are a first-mover and the largest revenue-generating AI company focusing on AIGC technologies in terms of AIGC solutions revenue in 2022 in China. We are a pioneer in the development of AI CoPilot in Asia, leading the progress of providing personalized AI assistant that helps each user to complete various tasks in work and life. Leveraging our full-stack voice interaction capability and universal large language model capability, we provide AI CoPilot experience through various software and hardware solutions to content creators, enterprises and consumers around the globe. As early as 2020, we developed our universal large language model “UCLAI,” which was subsequently upgraded to “Sequence Monkey” in 2023. As of the Latest Practicable Date, we had served more than ten million users globally since 2020 covering content creators, enterprises and consumers. Under content creators related scenarios, we are dedicated to providing high-quality AI voiceover solutions globally with our AI voiceover assistant, “Moyin Workshop” and its overseas version “DupDub.” As of the same date, we had attracted over six million cumulative registered users for our AIGC solutions worldwide since 2020. Meanwhile, under enterprise related scenarios, we have pre-installed our automotive voice interaction solutions in more than two million vehicles since 2020. Under consumer related scenarios, we have accumulated sales of more than one million pieces of our AIoT smart devices since 2020.

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Room 517, New City Centre, 2 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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