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        Ticwatch2, Ticwatch Active

        Intuitive Sports app, Bulit-in GPS, Music on watch, Multi-activity Track

        Heart Rate Monitor, Water Resistant, Music On Device(*Android Only), Light Weight, Silky Smooth, Liquid Silicone Band

        Ticwatch Active


        The Most Interactive Smart Watch

        Simplicity, quality, and craftsmanship

        Ticwatch, as part of daily life

        Intelligent fashion a healthy lifestyle

        Track your sports & enjoy your beats.

        • Intuitive Sports app

        • Heart rate monitor and pedometer

        • Built-in GPS

        • Music on device(*Android only)

        • Intuitive Sports App

          Ticwatch 2 helps you beat your previous times and track your acheivements, all without a phone. Track various activities, set your workout goals, and start. Fitness watchface displays your current health information like heart rate, steps, calories burnt, and many more. Ticwatch 2 saves the activity to your phone and syncs it to Google Fit, Strava, and Runkeeper!

        • Heart Rate Monitor

          Ticwatch 2 has advanced HRM sensors to track your heartbeat during workouts. You can check your heart rate anytime during your workout. Just tilt the watch to see your heartrate and other health information.

        • Built-in GPS

          You can track your workout without your phone. Our built-in GPS accurately records speed, distance, and your goal completion for all workouts. You can use your phone to review your workout path and detailed health stats.

        • Music On Device (*Android Only)

          Bring your favorite songs with you, without bringing your phone. Sync your locally stored music to your watch. You can use the built-in speaker to share your music or connect a bluetooth headset and listen to your music discreetly.

        Health companion, watch style

        • Perfectly Round

        • Light Weight

        • Liquid silicon rubber band

        • Dust proof, water resistant (IP65)

        • Perfectly Round

          72.3% screen-to-watchface ratio - Your Ticwatch 2 looks great across the room and close up. A round screen allows you to see more on your wrist without increasing the size of the watch itself.

        • Light Weight

          44g - Run that 10K. Lift that extra set. Bike that eighth lap.The light weight fitness tracker is designed to be your companion, not extra weight. It is so light that you will forget that it is on your wrist until you receive a discrete notification.

        • Silky Smooth, Liquid Silicone Band

          Liquid silicone band - Our unique liquid silicone band feels natural on your wrist. It is silky smooth. Perfect for sports and all other occasions.

        • Water And Sweat Resistance

          Dust proof, water resistant (IP65): Bring Ticwatch on your next adventure. Do something incredible. Conquer that Black Diamond slope. Take that hike you have been planning. No matter the weather. A bit of rain and sweat will not stop you or your Ticwatch 2. No matter the adventure, Ticwatch 2 has your back.

        A smartwatch with everything you want.

        • Size:

          44mm case. 11.95mm thickness. 20mm band.

        • Battery life:

          300mAh battery. Up to 1.5 days - 2 days of mixed use.

        • Wireless charging:

          Patented fast wireless charging technology. Recharge fully within 80 minutes.

        • Sensors:

          Built-in GPS; Dynamic Heart Rate sensor; Gyrometer; Accelerometer

        • Water resistant (IP65)

        • Other hardware highlights:

          'Tickle' side strip; linear motor; anti-noise microphone, speakers

        • Ticwear OS:

          Ticwatch's home made OS, with frequent, regular updates based on users' suggestions.

        • Notifications & Apps:

          A full range of stock apps and easy-to-read notification management feature helps you stay on top of your busy day.

        • Watch faces:

          Rich watch face selection, and more to come with updates.

        • Compatible with Android and iOS phones

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        • Screen

          Round OLED display ;1.4 inch/ 36mm ;


        • Processor

          1.2GHz dual-core MT 2601

        • Memory

          512M RAM + 4G ROM

        • Bluetooth

          Bluetooth v4.1

        • WLAN

          802.11 b/g/n

        • Tickle Strip

          Hidden under shell

        • Built in Sensors

          Dynamic optical heart rate sensor, acceleration sensor, gyroscope, Glonass sensors, GPS

        • Built in Hardware

          Linear motors, anti-noise microphone, speakers

        • Waterproofing


        • Strap


        • Battery


          TiCharge(trademark wireless charge technology) enabled


        Functionality difference: Android vs iOS phones

        Android IOS
        Basic System Functions System requirement Android 4.3+ IOS 8.0+ IPhone≥4S
        System OTA upgrades
        Connects to Wifi
        Lockscreen when off wrist
        Connects to third-party Bluetooth devices(headsets)
        Tilt to wake screen, drop to dim the screen
        Find my phone
        Gesture recognition and control
        Watch Faces Low power always on mode
        Preloaded watch faces
        Third-party watch faces ×
        Notifications Push notification
        Private notification mode
        SMS reply with voice ×
        Quick Cards System status and quick settings card
        Live weather card
        Third-party application cards ×
        Music control card
        Fitness Heart rate monitor
        Activity tracking
        Voice Search Call Uber
        "OK Tico" hotword
        Multi-language translation
        Places Nearby
        Phone Make Calls
        Access phone contacts