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TicHome Mini smart speaker



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  • Built-in battery

    Up to 6 hours of battery life.

    Effortless setup

    Setup made easy with the Google Home app.

  • IPX6 splashproof

    Unafraid of water, take Google Assistant where no Google Assistant has gone before.


    The fastest Bluetooth pairing. Period.

  • Do more with portability

    Experience the full potential of Google Assistant everywhere in your home.

    Google Assistant built-in

    Your own personal Google, always ready to help.

  • black
  • teal
  • pink
  • white

Hands-free help.

from anywhere

in your home.

Your home is so much more than where power outlets are. TicHome Mini’s built-in battery and splashproof IPX6 rating gives you the most versatile hands-free smart speaker to date. Bring it anywhere in your home and experience a life of new possibilities with the Google Assistant by your side.

Mini in size.

Huge on sound.

TicHome Mini first and foremost is a portable bluetooth speaker. Whether it's at an picnic with the family or an impromptu dance party with friends, TicHome Mini's capable of delivering your favorite tunes.

 splash proof smart speaker TicHome Mini, Mobvoi AI technology

Any product that's meant to be brought into the home must be curated with the utmost attention to detail. With that in mind, TicHome Mini has been recognized by Japan's acclaimed Good Design award for not only creating a look and feel that is suitable for the home, but also one intended for all experiences within the home.

 splash proof smart speaker TicHome Mini, Mobvoi AI technology